What's the consciousness behind erie?

For Hannah, who besides being the designer behind erie is also a consciousness coach, everything starts from within, with a state of consciousness, while aiming for a world that is in harmony with all its diversity. Everything she does is to serve this purpose - therefore working consciously and for the support of all - towards unity between all the different human beings and planet Earth.

So, for more than six years now she is on a journey of learning about herself to understand herself and the world better (because everything starts from within, right? ;)

The Cosmic University is where she goes to study her cosmic self :)

She shares her solutions through consciousness workshops with teaching materials of the Cosmic University, as well as accompanies people via one-on-one sessions including energetic healing and treatment in Berlin, Neukölln.


"My vision and heart’s wish is to allow more and more people to connect to themselves, to their fullest potentials, their own melody and pulse, and through this to the comprehensive whole, to the pulse of Creation, to the common truth between us – together consciously creating a reality of harmony.

Much love, 


Please feel free to contact Hannah directly with questions, inquiries, requests, whatever it may be!



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Whats' the consciousness behind the name erie?

erie understands itself as a bridge to bring spirit into matter and thereby express something whole, peaceful, harmonious.

The logo derives from Hannah's last name - Schorch (Hannah is the founder).

The strong personal connection to Israel gave birth to the idea.

Schorch is pronounced "Shoresh" in Hebrew and looks like this in handwriting:

If you read it as Latin letters, you see the word "erie" with some imagination.

The word "Shoresh" means "root" in Hebrew.
A root is anchored in the ground, so it can thrive and grow. A root is the connection to earth, while the leaves and flowers are the connection to the air.

The entire plant is the bridge, the connection, between the two elements Air and Earth. 

It is an image that can describe spirit transformed into matter, a state in which spirit influences matter, not matter inflencing spirit, the idea, the vision. From the inside out, not from the outside in.

So, the name erie and everything the Array of Sustainability of erie embodies and brings into this world, was born.

erie understands itself as a bridge to bring spirit into matter and thereby express something whole, peaceful, harmonious.




erie Berlin creates sustainablilty on all levels of the creation of a piece of clothing through a circular design and a conscious way of working, where every step supports everything and everyone in the process.

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